Shipping & Packaging

Aluminum Extruded Shapes provides delivery via AES fleet or common carrier to assure that your order arrives on time at the lowest possible cost.

Standard and custom packaging options are available to protect your shipment during transport. No matter what shape or size, Aluminum Extruded Shapes has a package design that will meet your needs.

Some of our more popular options include:

  • On-skid and bulk pack
  • Master pack
  • Paper wrap (layered or interleave)
  • Cardboard box (individually wrapped, paper layered or interleave)
  • Cardboard box (individually wrapped & labeled)

For large orders, packaging and transporting on returnable steel racks and plastic containers is used to save you unloading time, reduce handling damages while allowing stackable storage.

Customer Testimonial

Shipping oil refining process equipment to a global customer base was a logistical challenge. AES lowered shipping costs and shortened lead-time by direct shipping replacement parts to the end-user.

“AES has become a reliable partner”
Purchasing Manager

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